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If you have found your way to this page on the AltaGolden website it means that you probably have a friend or loved one that is living with some form of dementia.  While Alzheimer's is the most common form of dementia, there are several different types and a correct diagnosis is important in understanding what you are dealing with, what medications and supplements are most beneficial, and how to mitigate some of the difficult behaviors you may be experiencing.
AltaGolden is one of those rare in-home support providers that truly specializes in working with people with dementia.  Because of our work in the AltaGolden Memory Center we have developed programs that support both our clients and caregivers in working with people with dementia. 
TRAINING: We offer our caregivers specialized training for working with behavioral issues; and all caregivers have reach-back to the staff in the Memory Center for guidance and activities to do in the client's home.
SUPPORT GROUP:  Our monthly support group is open to everyone in the community and our attendees get answers to their questions, help in dealing with problems, and open sharing.
ALTAGOLDEN MEMORY CENTER:  The AltaGolden Memory Center is one of only two Adult Day Programs in the county that specialize in working with dementia.  Because we limit the number of attendees in the center, we are able to give very individualized attention.  This helps to draw our clients out, enhance socialization, and maximize cognitive benefit.  Visit our Adult Day Care page for more information or call us to ask for details.
COMMUNITY SUPPORT GROUPS:  If you are unable to attend AltaGolden's monthly support group call us to find out about other groups in the area.  AltaGolden is in the process of setting up support groups in communities throughout the county so that you may get the help you need.  Does your community need a support group?  Let us know and we'll get one set up in your area.
MOBILE MEMORY CENTER:  AltaGolden is taking its program on the road!  Are you living in an independent and/or assisted living community that does not offer memory care?  AltaGolden is now able to contract with communities that need memory care support so that you may stay in your community and have the support and respite you need.  Call us to ask for details.
AltaGolden specializes in memory care support.  Call us to ask for details or set up an appointment to chat.  There is never any obligation to work with us unless you feel we are the best fit for you!  858-779-9254

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